Primitivo Contrada San Pietro

Primitivo Contrada San Pietro


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Primitivo is grown in California as Zinfandel. This example is fresher and lighter than most from California because it is aged in stainless, but it maintains the characteristic inky dark color and robust fruit. Notes of earth and spice.

Region: Puglia
Grapes: Primitivo 
Maturation: Stainless
Alcohol: 14.5%

The importer writes: For my taste, the best, freshest Italian Primitivos come from a high part of Apulia with the lovely name ‘Gioia del Colle,’ or ‘joy of the hill.’ Plantamura, which is in Gioia del Colle, is the best producer of Primitivo that I have come across; their work in their vineyards, which they see as their main job, is intensive and organic, complemented by clean, restrained winemaking in a pristine little cellar.

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