Moscato d'Asti Sorì Gramella

Moscato d'Asti Sorì Gramella

Elvio Tintero

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Nice moscato aromas. This is a sweet wine at 110 g/l, but the strong carbonation offsets the sweetness. Great for a summer day drinking because of the low alcohol content!

Region: Piedmont
Grapes: Moscato
Maturation: Stainless
Alcohol: 5.5%

KL Wines writes: Who could resist such a heavenly ambrosia, with its scent of kaleidoscopic spring wildflowers, fragrant citrus blossoms, and succulently ripe grapes? It is just sweet enough, but not too sweet, while a razor-crisp acidity and tickling spritz cleanse and stimulate the taste buds with each gulp.

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